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National Audit Office report: Submission of evidence: Controls on regulation

Submission of evidence: Controls on regulation

The Better Regulation Executive is currently reviewing controls on regulation. This document is the National Audit Office’s submission to that review. It is based on a combination of our previous work and new work with five case study departments earlier this year.

This review considers the effectiveness of departmental processes to support controls on regulation in a manner analogous with processes to support controls on public spending.

We examined the processes used by five case study departments: the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills; the Ministry of Justice; the Department for Work and Pensions; the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Department for Transport.

We reviewed their support processes against a framework of regulatory management covering five areas we have previously highlighted as necessary for strong financial management in our Financial Management Maturity Model:

  • governance and leadership;
  • planning;
  • monitoring;
  • decision-making; and
  • performance reporting.

September 2012


Publication details:

Published date: September 28, 2012