This impacts case study shows how our identification of data and management weaknesses was pivotal in leading to the implementation of actions to address them.

It is one example of financial or non-financial benefits realised in 2014 as a result of our involvement, all of which are set out in our interactive PDF.

Impacts case study

Our audit of the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme (PCSPS) identified significant weaknesses in some data quality and records retention. These deficiencies led to inefficiencies in the administration of the Scheme and the risk that individual members may not be receiving their correct entitlement. We made a number of recommendations to the Scheme and employers around governance, data validation, records management and the assurance arrangements.

What are impacts?

The Cabinet Office put in place an action plan to address our findings and the Scheme clarified its governance arrangements, increased engagement with employers and introduced a new risk-based assurance framework. The Scheme’s administrator undertook the first phase of a data cleansing exercise, which will eventually cover all members, and built improved data validation checks into its new administration system. The Cabinet Office acknowledged the pivotal role of the audit in highlighting the issues and gaining senior support for improvement.


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