The Civil Contingencies Secretariat (CCS) sits within Cabinet Office and aims to increase UK government’s ability to respond to and recover from civil emergencies.

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This briefing describes how the Civil Contingencies Secretariat is working with government departments to prepare for the potential disruption that may occur if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. This work is referred to by government as Operation Yellowhammer. The briefing is intended to assist Parliament in its scrutiny of the contingency preparations being put in place by government departments.

Scope and content

The briefing describes the following:

  • The task of preparing for a no deal exit. We set out the role of contingency planning for a no deal exit and the 12 Operation Yellowhammer areas of risk.
  • Roles and responsibilities across government. We set out the responsibilities of CCS and the range of government bodies involved in Operation Yellowhammer.
  • How the Civil Contingencies Secretariat is working with other government departments. We set out CCS’s phases of work on Operation Yellowhammer and how it is working with other departments, including the Department for Exiting the EU and HM Treasury.


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