This briefing has been prepared for the International Development Committee to support its inquiry into the Future of CDC.

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This briefing draws on the C&AG’s December 2008 report Investing for Development: the Department for International Development’s oversight of CDC Group plc. It provides:

  • a brief explanation of the rationale for CDC and an introduction to CDC’s investment approach as it was operating in 2008;
  • a summary of the main findings of the C&AG’s 2008 report. The report examined whether DFID had set an appropriate framework of policies, objectives and incentives for CDC, and how CDC had performed against those objectives. It also examined how effectively DFID had monitored CDC to secure an appropriate contribution to economic development and poverty reduction,
  • an overview of key reported developments affecting DFID’s oversight of CDC, and CDC’s investment approach, since 2008.

March 2011


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