This interactive briefing pack summarises the National Audit Office’s work in the police and fire sectors since 2012. It highlights the key messages coming from a selection of our recent reports and should be of interest to Police and Crime Commissioners and their officers, senior police and fire officials and the general public.

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Following the election of many new Police and Crime Commissioners earlier this year and the transfer of responsibility for fire and rescue services to the Home Office we have brought together recent NAO work in these sectors in an interactive format. Our work over the last few years in these sectors comes at a time when devolution has been increasing and when austerity has been a driving force in changes to delivery of police and fire services. Austerity remains a reality and we have made observations and recommendations to help both central and local government face this challenge and make necessary changes, such as managing demand better, collaborating where it is the right thing to do and making better use of technology.

We have built up good relations in the police and fire sectors and have had strong engagement with our work. We have summarised our main reports on the police and fire services over the last few years, providing an overview of our the challenges that police and fire services are facing and their performance as they have adjusted to meet budget cuts and carry out other reforms.

If you would like to know more about the National Audit Office’s work on police and fire, please contact:

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