About this tool

The interactive data visualisation below supports our report on government’s waste management reforms. The tool uses public data, as well as data provided to us by the Environment Agency, to present an overview of the current waste management system in England.

Instructions: how to use this tool

There are two interactive maps showing a national view of waste management (Interactive National view) and international exports of waste sent for recycling (Interactive International view):

  • Start by selecting which measure of interest you would like to view using the first drop-down menu on the left-hand panel. This data will then be presented in the ‘Map’ and ‘Table’ panels to the right.
  • Above the national map, there are options to change the year of the measure displayed and which local authority geography to show.
  • Further detail about the measure displayed can be found by expanding the tab below the drop-down menus (indicated by a triangle). Contextual information about each dataset and any caveats are available on the More Information tab of the tool.
  • Clicking individual areas within the map, or selecting them using the drop-down list, will bring up isolated information for that area. This includes a graph showing how the measure has changed over time. To close the extra information for an area, either click the highlighted area again, causing it to deselect, or press backspace within the drop-down list.
  • Optional information can be overlayed on the map using drop-down menus or select/deselect options, also available in the left-hand panel.