Series running from July 2023 until March 2025


Strong financial management is vitally important to government organisations. At its best, financial management allows government organisations to be more efficient, more resilient, and make better decisions. Not only that, it is critical to government organisations delivering on their responsibilities to provide good value-for-money.


The Financial and Risk Management insights team are producing a series of guides aimed at senior finance decision-makers across all of our audited bodies. The guides will complement existing guidance provided to finance teams across government by the Government Finance Function.

Our guides will showcase strategic-level insights outlining areas where good financial management can unlock greater efficiency and resilience, as well as practical ways organisations can make improvements.

Each publication will focus on different aspects of the financial management lifecycle, and is planned to be released at intervals to provide maximum benefit to finance teams in government. Our guides plan to cover:

Enablers of success (published)
Strategic planning and budgeting (published)
• Resource allocation
• Control environment
• Monitoring and forecasting
• Reporting and evaluation.

Our next guide – Resource allocation – will be released in Autumn 2024.

NAO Team details

Director: Mfon Akpan
Senior Audit Manager: Chris Coyne