This memorandum was prepared for the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee. It provides an overview of Research and Development (R&D) spending in the UK since 1995, details the flow of funding from public and private sources, and compares R&D spending in the UK with spending in other countries.

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Part one of the memorandum describes how R&D funding and spending is measured, summarises the government’s strategy for innovation and research, and explains how European Commission grants contribute.

Part two sets out the UK funding landscape, how R&D tax incentives can be used by companies, and the extent of European Commission funding.

Part three analyses R&D activity by business sector.

Part four compares R&D activity in the UK with that of other countries.

July 2013
The figure below, taken from the memorandum, shows Research and Development funded and carried out across all sectors in 2011. Scroll down through the PDF to see funding by individual sector, or use the icon in the top right to open it in a new window.
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