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National Audit Office Hub page (Exiting the EU)

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Our hub draws together all our work on EU exit

Government planning for EU Exit was a task with little or no historical precedent. Departments had to prepare for multiple potential outcomes, with shifting timetables and uncertainty. Our work – spanning some 30 reports – reflected the scale and breadth of this task.

With a challenge like this, it was not possible for departments to plan for every eventuality. But lessons can be learned from the period of planning for no deal, where in some cases rushed decisions meant that taxpayers’ money was not well spent.

Our reports have highlighted the delivery risk associated with putting in place the necessary systems, infrastructure and resources to manage the border.

They also made clear the importance of ensuring that businesses, traders and other border users were ready for the changes that followed the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020, and those that are still to come. 

We will continue to examine government’s implementation of further changes to border arrangements, its management of the UK’s new relationship with the EU and its new domestic responsibilities, and the resulting impact on areas such as trade, immigration, security and regulation.   

Gareth Davies, Comptroller & Auditor General (C&AG)


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The UK border: preparedness for the end of the transition period

This report describes government's progress in implementing changes required to manage the border after the end of the transition period.
Recently published: Learning for government from EU Exit preparations

Learning for government from EU Exit preparations

This report sets out insights for government from its preparations for EU Exit.
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The cost of EU Exit preparations

This report looks at how much government departments spent on their activities preparing for the UK’s exit from the EU.

EU Exit: the Get ready for Brexit campaign

This report examines the management of the Cabinet Office-led Get ready for Brexit campaign.

The UK border: preparedness for EU exit October 2019

This report considers the work that government has been undertaking at the border to prepare for a no-deal EU exit.

Exiting the EU: supplying the health and social care sectors

We record government's progress in ensuring health and social care supplies should the UK leave the EU without a deal.
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Departments’ use of consultants to support preparations for EU Exit

This investigation examines the extent to which departments have used consultants in their work to prepare for exiting the EU.

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Work in progress

Department for International Trade: Progress with trade negotiations

This report will examine the Department for International Trade’s progress with trade negotiations, including converting existing EU trade agreements.

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