This impacts case study shows how our work led to the Education Funding Agency’s launch of a single change programme to improve its customer service, use of data and business processes, and the skills of its people.

It is one example of financial or non-financial benefits realised in 2014 as a result of our involvement, all of which are set out in our interactive PDF.

Impacts case study

Our 2014 report on the newly created Education Funding Agency highlighted a pressing need for the Agency to bring together plans for improving its performance, so that it could meet growing demand for its services as more academies opened.

What are impacts?

In response, the Agency launched a single change programme called Fit for the Future. This programme brought together the Agency’s plans to improve its customer service; use of data, systems and business processes; and the skills of its people. In response to our recommendation for continued improvements in customer service, the Agency joined the Institute of Customer Service to identify areas where it could do better and developed an action plan.


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