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  1. How to improve operational services

    Insight Good practice guides

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    These good practice guides share practical tips on improving the quality and efficiency of day-to-day services provided by government.

  2. Market Analytic Toolkit: for assessing public service markets

    Insight Good practice guides

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    This toolkit is designed to guide those overseeing public service markets or assessing the effectiveness of these markets in terms of value for money and user outcomes. It helps government address a set of new challenges around its use of markets to deliver public services, including oversight, consumer protection, regulation and helping to achieve effective competition and innovative delivery.

  3. Support for innovation to deliver net zero

    Press release

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    Our new study looks at whether the government is set up to deliver value for money from its approach to investment in pursuit of net zero.

  4. Confirmed impacts: Using our expertise to help improve consumer protection across central and local government


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    This impacts case study shows how our work and identification of the cost of inadequate consumer protection was a catalyst for improvements to consumer law and delivery and accountability arrangements.

    It is one example of financial or non-financial benefits realised in 2014 as a result of our involvement, all of which are set out in our interactive PDF.

  5. Over-optimism in government projects

    Insight Lessons learned

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    Optimism bias in public sector projects is not a new phenomenon. But it is one that persists, frequently undermining projects’ value for money as time and cost are under estimated and benefits over estimated. This report uses our back catalogue to illustrate the consequences of over optimism. In doing so, we have identified some contributory factors – such as project complexity and an organisation’s culture of challenge.

  6. Decommissioning toolkit
    What is driving the need for change?

    This page is part of our decommissioning toolkit. Commissioners need to understand what the drivers for change are and the motivations that lead to decommissioning. This will have an impact on the process of decommissioning and other factors such as timescales and levels of engagement with stakeholders. Our research found a wide set of drivers […]

  7. Improving Public Services through Better Construction

    Report Value for money

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    Sir John Bourn, head of the National Audit Office, reported today on the progress that departments and their agencies have made to their construction delivery performance since his 2001 report “Modernising Construction”. He concluded that there had been a considerable improvement in completing projects to time and cost and that real savings were being delivered, […]