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Early 2020

NHS financial management and sustainability

Our last report on the financial sustainability of the NHS, published in January 2019, concluded that the growth in the number of patients on waiting lists, the worsening length of waiting times, and the existence of substantial deficits in some parts of the system, even when offset by surpluses elsewhere, do not add up to … Read more

Spring 2020

NHS nursing workforce

Getting the right NHS workforce in place is essential to deliver safe, high quality services as well as future service commitments as set out in the NHS Long Term Plan. Nurses constitute the largest NHS clinical staff group, but have also been subject to the largest shortfalls.  The study will examine how the NHS ensures that … Read more

Early 2020

Review of capital expenditure in the NHS

The National Audit Office is undertaking a review of capital expenditure in the NHS. This follows on from our January 2019 report on NHS Financial Sustainability, which described issues with capital funding and planning, or how the NHS spends money on buying or improving assets such as facilities and technologies. This review will build on … Read more