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Education recovery in schools

The disruption to schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic led to learning loss, particularly in certain parts of the country, and among children with special educational needs and disabilities and disadvantaged children.  

The Department for Education responded to the pandemic by developing various catch-up learning initiatives for the 2020/21 school year, which it has since evolved into a broader and more formal education recovery programme, with some elements currently scheduled to run to 2024/25. The main interventions we expect to cover in this study are: the National Tutoring Programme which provides children with tutoring and mentoring; universal and targeted financial premiums paid directly to schools; training and continuing professional development for teachers; and summer schools. 

This study complements our report on Support for children’s education during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, published in March 2021. It will assess how effectively the Department is supporting education recovery in schools following the COVID-19 pandemic and will examine whether the Department: 

  • is managing the programme for education recovery in schools in an effective way; 
  • is achieving value for money from the National Tutoring Programme; and 
  • is achieving value for money from the other funding it has provided to support education recovery in schools.