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Learning for government on major programmes

The delivery of major government programmes creates a unique set of challenges. They often have bespoke features and require new technology, making them unlike previous projects, and they are complex because of their scale. Major programmes frequently encounter difficulties, failing to deliver to their planned cost and schedule, benefits, with significant consequences.

The Government Major Projects Portfolio (GMPP) alone currently comprises 125 major programmes at a combined cost of £448 billion and in addition, government has committed to spending £640 billion for new infrastructure projects between now and 2025. The ability of government to successfully navigate the challenges of delivering major programmes is therefore crucial to securing the best value from public money.

This report will draw from the learning in our previous reports on major programmes and assess the common issues we have seen arise. It examines the most important issues we have encountered recently, why we think they occur, and provides considerations for government to help improve programme delivery.