Welfare and benefits

Our work in this sector focuses heavily on the challenge of scrutinising a highly complex arrangement of multiple benefits, often inter related, which are notoriously hard to administer accurately.

Combined spending on welfare and benefits, which amounts to over one quarter of all UK government spending, is largely administered by the Department for Work and Pensions. We audit the annual financial statements of the Department, and also undertake a range of value for money examinations across the sector, which alongside the financial audit also look at more wide ranging issues from social inclusion to basic project management.

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The Work Programme

After a poor start, the performance of the Work Programme is at similar levels to previous programmes but is less than original forecast. The Department has struggled to improve outcomes for harder-to-help groups. The Programme has the potential to offer value for money if it can achieve the higher rates of performance the Department now expects.


2 Jul 2014


Social Fund White Paper Account 2013-14

For the first time since 2009-10, the Social Fund White Paper account has not been qualified on the grounds of the completeness, existence and valuation of the debt balance.


30 Jun 2014

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Department for Work and Pensions 2013-14 accounts

The Comptroller and Auditor General has qualified his audit opinion owing to the material level of fraud and error in benefit expenditure.


26 Jun 2014

Family group

Child maintenance 2012 scheme: Early Progress

The DWP has simplified the way it administers child maintenance and is approaching expected levels of performance. But overall objectives might be at risk if the number of people using family-based arrangements does not increase.


20 Jun 2014

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Adult social care in England: overview

The provision of adequate adult social care poses a significant public service challenge. Demand for care is rising while public spending is falling.

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13 Mar 2014

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Personal Independence Payment: early progress

The DWP has had to delay the Personal Independence Payment programme’s roll-out and reduce expected savings during this Spending Review period.


27 Feb 2014

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Managing debt owed to central government

Government is owed a large amount of money but has no overall view of its debt reduction objectives nor of the financial risk that the debt poses.

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14 Feb 2014

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Department for Work and Pensions 2012-13 accounts

The DWP has not to date achieved value for money in the development of Universal Credit and to do so in future it will need to learn the lessons of past failures.


10 Dec 2013

Peoples Legs

Programmes to help families facing multiple challenges

Two government programmes aiming to help families with multiple challenges, such as unemployment and anti-social behaviour, are starting to provide benefits but considerable challenges remain.

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3 Dec 2013

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Spinning-out MyCSP as a mutual joint venture

MyCSP has the potential to be good value for money with a projected saving of 50 per cent on costs, but the Cabinet Office and MyCSP still face many large challenges in transforming the service.

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12 Sep 2013

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