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Management of NAO records

Sets out the retention and disposal policy for NAO’s records, both paper and electronic:

Retention Disposal Schedules NAO Records (pdf – 105KB)

Statement on the Management of Personal Data

We have updated our statement on the management of personal data to reaffirm our commitment to the proper management of personal and explain our preparations for the General Data Protection Regulations.

Statement on the Management of Personal Data at the NAO (pdf – 215KB)

Environmental Policy Statement

Sets out the NAO’s Environmental policy.

Environmental Policy Statement (pdf – 84KB)

Health and Safety Policy

Sets out the NAO’s current Health and Safety Policy containing notice of the NAO’s commitment to full compliance with all relevant health and safety legislative requirements, details of the management hierarchy for health and safety responsibility and a comprehensive review of assessments and precautions.

Health and safety policy (pdf – 96KB)

HR Manual

Contains current policy statements and guidance on all terms and conditions of service.

Available on request from the NAO Information Centre Enquiry Desk (0207 798 7264) or email

Complaints Procedure

Details of how to lodge a complaint about the NAO are available on our website.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct (pdf – 7 MB) reinforces the core values and standards that underpin the NAO’s work, and provides a reference point for decisions and courses of action in carrying out our statutory and professional responsibilities.

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