Our Digital Insights team are experts on digital transformation and technology programmes, with experience in both the public and private sectors.


Yvonne Gallagher

Yvonne Gallagher

Yvonne is our digital transformation expert, and leads the Digital Insights team. She has over 25 years’ experience in IT, business change, digital services and cyber and information assurance.

Yvonne has been a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Digital Officer in the private sector as well as holding senior roles in large companies such as the Prudential and Network Rail. She was also CIO in two major government departments.

Team members

John Bell

John has worked on a range of NAO reports over the last 10 years covering digital transformation and technology in government, including the Emergency Services Network and Smart Meters.

As a digital specialist, John has 25 years’ experience of delivering IT enabled business change through programmes and projects. He was previously a Gateway Review Leader and Gateway Director in the Office of Government Commerce and held senior programme and project management positions in the Education Department.

Jonathan Pownall

Jonathan has co-authored numerous NAO reports on digital transformation, including Digital transformation in government, Challenges in using data across government and Digital transformation in the NHS.

Jonathan has over 20 years’ experience of assessing digital and technology programmes in the central government sector, including the management of associated technology risk. Prior to joining the NAO, he held an assurance role with one of the leading international accountancy and advisory firms.

Our work

Digital transformation is the most influential force for organisational change today, challenging ‘traditional’ organisations to come up with new ways of serving their customers and the public.

We have been publishing our insights on digital transformation ever since this became a focus for government.

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