We provide insights and expertise on how public services can be improved.

As the government’s independent audit body, we have a deep understanding and unique perspective of how well public resources are used.

We have expertise in six priority areas for government. All are important for making government more efficient and effective.

Our teams

Our Analysis Insights team use analytical methods and tools to provide audit insights to make data more accessible and transparent.

Our Commercial Insights team help those who manage procurement and commercial activities to meet the highest standards.

Our Digital Insights team help government better understand how to use data effectively and progress their digital transformation agenda.

Our Financial and Risk Management Insights team are uniquely placed to comment on how well public finances are managed. Our experience covers a range of essential business skills.

Our Major Project Delivery Insights team share key lessons gathered from our work auditing major projects across government.

Our People and Operational Management Insights team help government turn policy intent into service reality using our expertise in people and operations.