An ambitious diversity programme that helps attract the best talent and encourages all staff to contribute fully is essential if we are to deliver our challenging corporate strategy.

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This report sets out progress against our diversity strategy during 2011-12. It is accompanied by a separate report, Equality Information, which provides more detailed equality monitoring information.

This is the third annual report against our three year strategy 2009-10 to 2011-12. We have a good record of achievement during 2011-12. We have taken action to help ensure that staff feel supported and well treated and to help recruit and retain a diverse workforce. Examples of these actions are included in this report. Our commitment to fairness was reflected in our corporate values which we launched in early 2012 following widespread consultation with staff. Our values now include: ‘Fair – that our work, and the way we treat people, are fair and just.’

Whilst we have had an active diversity programme in 2011-12 it is clear that there has been little change in the ethnic and gender profile at our more senior grades (Director and above), and we still find that ethnic minority staff receive proportionately fewer of the highest annual appraisal ratings than white staff. Our new strategy 2012-13 to 2014-15 sets ambitious objectives, actions and targets to achieve progress in these key areas. We are determined to see an increase in the pace of change for the benefit of our staff, our business and, ultimately, our clients and stakeholders.

Our Board and Leadership Team attach a high priority to making progress on these important issues. The Diversity Delivery Board helps maintain our focus. It is chaired by Gaby Cohen, a member of the Leadership Team and NAO Board, and includes a broad representation of staff from across the Office. The Diversity Delivery Board will oversee delivery of our new strategy and will report regularly on progress to the Leadership Team.

Amyas Morse, Comptroller and Auditor General, July 2012


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