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The public sector is facing profound change in public service delivery. In helping to drive long-term improvements, the NAO focuses its support on helping the public sector understand and respond to the key issues it is facing.

Publications on the following pages are those that are most useful for understanding good practice and lessons learnt about key issues facing the public sector. Each pages highlights key publications and lists others that are especially relevant.

Transforming public services

Customer management
Digital service delivery
Economic growth
Environmental sustainability
Strategic centre of government
User choice and consumer protection

Local service delivery

Accountability in local service delivery
Financial and service sustainability

Operations and process management

Operational and programme delivery
Commercial capability and contract management
Managing major projects
Oversight of service delivery
Performance measurement

Financial management

Asset sales and privatisations
Cost reduction and affordability
Fraud, error and debt management
Infrastructure finance
Managing assets and liabilities

International issues

European Union
Exiting the EU