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Spring 2021

Timeliness of local auditor reporting on local government in England, 2020

Local public bodies deliver many public services to taxpayers. In 2019-20, local authorities, local police and local fire bodies in England spent nearly £100 billion delivering these services. Each year, local public bodies are required to prepare and publish financial statements setting out their financial performance. External auditors of councils audit the financial statements and provide … Read more

Asylum accommodation and support

This report examines the government’s replacement of the COMPASS contracts for accommodation and support for asylum seekers.

3 Jul 2020
Woman on a mobile phone

Public service markets: Putting things right when they go wrong

Over 10 million people who used public services (about 1 in 5) in the UK last year faced problems with the services. Detriment can and does occur. But users find the complaints and redress systems confusing.

17 Jun 2015
Patient discussion

Planning for the Better Care Fund

The Better Care Fund is an innovative idea but the quality of early preparation and planning did not match the scale of the ambition. Current plans forecast £314m of savings for the NHS rather than the £1 billion in early planning assumptions.

11 Nov 2014