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Driving the Successful Delivery of Major Defence Projects: Effective Project Control

“Comparisons with the private sector and other defence departments show that at their best, UK defence programmes compare well with good practice in project control. However, the good practices are not being consistently applied in all cases. Project control is vital to successful delivery of projects and our gold standards and recommendations set out in this report mean the MoD and its industry partners should have a clear idea of what they are striving for to consistently deliver successful defence projects.”

20 May 2005

Early Years: Progress in Developing High Quality Childcare and Early Education Accessible to All

“The Government has made impressive progress in creating new childcare places and in providing early education for pre-school children since 1998, but not enough of these new places are yet in deprived areas where they would most benefit children and parents. The Government’s investment will be wasted if the new provision is not viable. More training is needed, especially for childminders, and providers need more support to help them manage their businesses.”

27 Feb 2004