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Compensating victims of violent crime

“The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority’s performance has got worse since I last reported on it in 2000. It is taking longer to deal with cases, it has not reduced the number of ineligible applications and has frequently missed its targets over the years.

“Delays in resolving these issues can make it more difficult for victims to move on from a traumatic experience. CICA has started a major overhaul of how it operates. We look to CICA to make swift improvements in the service it provides to victims.”

14 Dec 2007
Report cover showing police car

The Estate Strategy of the Police Service of Northern Ireland

“The Police Service of Northern Ireland is facing a formidable challenge in transforming its estate, but work to modernise the estate is leading to visible improvements.

“Progress has been slower than expected, and while the PSNI is taking steps to strengthen its estate management, it still has much to do if it is to deliver on time its five year plan to transform its estate and deliver better value for money.”

15 Dec 2006
Report cover showing policeman on motorbike

Northern Ireland Policing Board Best Value Performance Plan for 2005-06

“This report provides assurance that each year’s Performance Plan has been better than the last. I make recommendations so that the Policing Board can continue to improve the way it monitors and challenges the Police Service in the way it achieves Best Value.

Better IT is vital to improving the quality of the Police Service. It will not be easy to achieve what the strategy sets out. It is therefore important that the Police Service continue to monitor progress carefully in their implementation of both their strategy and my recommendations in this area.”

20 Jan 2006
Report cover image shoping policeman's hat

Northern Ireland Policing Board Best Value Performance Plan for 2004-05

“The Policing Board and Police Service have accepted the recommendations I make in my report and have a range to initiatives in hand to address them. These are positive signs that they are both aware of the challenges they face and that they have taken them up. I look forward to reporting positive progress on the working of Continuous Improvement next year and in future years.”

28 Jan 2005
Report cover showing car being broken into

Reducing Vehicle Crime

“The Home Office is on track to meet its target of a 30 per cent reduction in vehicle crime between 1999 and 2004 which is a significant achievement. However, the continuing number and impact of these crimes means that momentum needs to be maintained once the deadline for this target has expired.

Many of the initiatives to tackle vehicle crime that are in place have yet to be fully implemented. Local authorities, car park operators, the Police and Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships can all do more to tackle the problem, and progress will be helped by the Home Office and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency improving the information and advice it provides these organisations.”

28 Jan 2005
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Reducing Crime: the Home Office working with Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships

“The Home Office is funding a diverse array of crime reduction projects, many of which are innovative and contributing towards reductions in reported levels of crime. This is welcome. There is scope, however, for increased review of projects so that more is known about why the successful ones work and why the unsuccessful ones do not.

“Resources could also be used more effectively and more significant reductions in crime achieved if the burden upon Partnerships of having to administer complex funding grant conditions were minimised.”

1 Dec 2004
Report cover showing collection of fuel by inspectors

HM Customs and Excise: The Misuse and Smuggling of Hydrocarbon Oils

“The estimated revenue losses from the misuse and smuggling of hydrocarbon oils duty reveal that growing sums of revenue are being lost through smuggling and the illegal use of rebated fuel. Customs have recognised this problem by producing a strategy to deal with the frauds and are developing that strategy further.

“Every effort must be made to combat this criminal activity which not only results in large amounts of lost duty but also poses threats to health and safety.”

15 Feb 2002
Report cover showing probation officers at their desk

The Implementation of the National Probation Service Information Systems Strategy

“Good information systems have a vital part to play in helping probation officers carry out their work in supervising offenders serving their sentences in the community and in helping them turn against crime.

“Whilst the Home Office has been able to install a standard information technology infrastructure across a large part of the probation service, there are some important lessons to be learnt from the serious flaws in the Home Office’s procurement and management of this IT programme. The new National Probation Service now has an opportunity to address these issues as it develops a new IT strategy and enters into a new strategic partnership.”

26 Apr 2001