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Report cover image shoping policeman's hat

Northern Ireland Policing Board Best Value Performance Plan for 2004-05

“The Policing Board and Police Service have accepted the recommendations I make in my report and have a range to initiatives in hand to address them. These are positive signs that they are both aware of the challenges they face and that they have taken them up. I look forward to reporting positive progress on the working of Continuous Improvement next year and in future years.”

28 Jan 2005
Report cover showing policeman on motorbike

Northern Ireland Policing Board Best Value Performance Plan for 2005-06

“This report provides assurance that each year’s Performance Plan has been better than the last. I make recommendations so that the Policing Board can continue to improve the way it monitors and challenges the Police Service in the way it achieves Best Value.

Better IT is vital to improving the quality of the Police Service. It will not be easy to achieve what the strategy sets out. It is therefore important that the Police Service continue to monitor progress carefully in their implementation of both their strategy and my recommendations in this area.”

20 Jan 2006
Report cover showing a tap leaking money

Office of Water Services: Leakage and Water Efficiency

Sir John Bourn, head of the National Audit Office, told Parliament today that, since the 1995 drought, leakage in England and Wales has been reduced by some 1.8 million cubic metres a day, equivalent to the amount of water used daily by more than 12 million people. The National Audit Office examined how the Office … Read more

1 Dec 2000
Public sewer network - man in a tunnel

Out of Sight – Not Out of Mind: Ofwat and the Public Sewer Network in England and Wales

“While incidents of sewer flooding in properties are relatively rare, few could deny that it is highly distressing. This must be especially so for those who suffer repeat incidents. And the harm to the environment should not be dismissed. That is why I have made these recommendations to encourage the work that is already being done to reduce the risks of sewer flooding.”

16 Jan 2004
Report cover showing Colorado Beetle larvae eating potato leaves

Protecting England and Wales from plant pests and diseases

“The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has a key role to play in maintaining the high international reputation for plant health possessed by England and Wales. But increasing trade and travel, new farming practices and climate change increase the risk of new plant pests and diseases being introduced and spreading here. The Department should now take steps to improve its plant health inspection regime and research and how it works with others, to keep new and emerging threats at bay.”

23 Oct 2003