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Operation TELIC soldiers

Ministry of Defence: Operation TELIC – United Kingdom Military Operations in Iraq

“It is not just the bravery of the men and women who took part in the military operations which should be applauded but also their abilities, their professionalism and their achievements. The scale of the operation and the speed with which it was carried out are both extremely impressive. There were problems, but these should be seen in the wider context of the overall success. The lessons in this report which the MOD can learn from will mean that its performance will be further improved in the future.”

11 Dec 2003
Report cover showing flood

The Department for International Development: Responding to Humanitarian Emergencies

“Disasters, both natural and man-made, are occurring much more frequently around the world. The Department for International Development is a leading player in the response to such emergencies and its provision of help in the aftermath of suddenly occurring disasters is widely recognised by other donors and organisations. The Department should, however, take steps to improve the targeting, monitoring and evaluation of the assistance it provides.”

5 Nov 2003
Report cover showing a child drinking water

Department for International Development: Maximising Impact in the Water Sector

“The achievement of the targets to improve access to water and sanitation remains a huge task. It is clearly important that DFID makes an effective contribution to addressing global water needs. At the international, national and local levels, DFID can point to success in its work in the water sector and new initiatives to improve its performance. The aim of my report is to assist the Department in make sure that its assistance has a great and lasting impact.”

31 Jan 2003
Report cover showing soldiers with a helicopter

Ministry of Defence: Exercise Saif Sareea II

“Exercise Saif Sareea II was a major success for the United Kingdom in demonstrating the Armed Forces’ ability to conduct operations over long distances and in supporting important foreign-policy objectives.

“However, the Exercise highlighted a number of problems that need to be addressed. In particular, the Joint Rapid Reaction Forces must be properly equipped to undertake expeditionary operations around the world; and the planning of such exercises needs to be reviewed if maximum value for money is to be achieved in future.”

1 Aug 2002
Report cover showing a camp in Western Somalia

Department for International Development – Performance Management Helping to Reduce World Poverty

“The elimination of poverty is one of the greatest challenges we face and the Department for International Development have a well-established and leading role in helping to meet this challenge. Performance management is a key factor for the Department in maximising the contribution they make and therefore it is vital that their objectives and targets are able to drive corporate and operational performance effectively.”

12 Apr 2002
Report cover showing various military operations in Kosovo

Kosovo: The Financial Management of Military Operations

“The Ministry of Defence made a major contribution to NATO operations in Kosovo and the professionalism and commitment of our Armed Forces has contributed, and continues to contribute, to the military success and the wider rebuilding of infrastructure and relationships. The Department’s financial management of the operations represents a clear improvement over that demonstrated for Bosnia, and the report details some further important lessons for the Department when undertaking future deployments.”

5 Jun 2000