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Review of the data systems for Public Service Agreement 29

Comprehensive Spending Review 2007 covering the period 2008-2011

Review of the data systems for Public Service Agreement 29 led by the Department for International Development: ‘Reducing poverty in poorer countries though quicker progress towards the Millennium Development Goals’

15 Jun 2010
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Administration of Arable Area Payments in the Netherlands, Sweden and England

This is a collaborative report between the National Audit Office in England, the Algemene Rekenkamer (Netherlands Court of Audit) and the Riksrevisionsverket (Swedish National Audit Office). This exercise compares the results from their three separate reports on the administration of the arable payments scheme where, under the Common Agricultural Policy, the underlying regulations are the same in all European Union countries.

20 Apr 2010
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Adapting the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s global estate to the modern world

“The FCO can do more to get value for money from its overseas estate.  Although the Department has begun to remedy some of the shortcomings we identified and has started work on its strategy for managing the estate, it still needs to get the basics right.  It needs to lay out the priorities for its overseas estate and work out how to get more robust information.  Whilst there are examples of good practice at individual posts, the Department needs to spread this across the whole estate if it is to make real efficiencies.”

11 Feb 2010
group of people in Malawi

Department for International Development: Aid to Malawi

“DFID has contributed to poverty reduction in Malawi.  Its programmes, however, are not all meeting their objectives.  DFID needs better information on service outputs from the areas it funds to help improve performance and provide assurance on value for money.”

30 Oct 2009
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Financial Management in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

“The FCO has made a concerted effort to improve its financial management in what is a difficult operating environment. It has strong leadership and a determination to drive its financial management forward, and it is working to increase the proportion of staff in its finance function who are qualified accountants. In managing within increasingly constrained resources, the Department will need to use the capability created through its “Five Star Finance” project to utilise available resources to best effect”.

3 Jun 2009
Report cover showing military vehicles

Support to High Intensity Operations

“The task of supporting operations in Iraq and Afghanistan is not an easy one. Despite this challenge, the Ministry of Defence has had a number of successes, particularly in providing life-saving medical treatment. But there is still more to do. By improving the management and replenishment of stocks in theatre and getting a clearer picture of what supplies are available and where they are, the MOD could make real improvements to its supply chain.”

14 May 2009