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Report cover showing a rice paddy

Tackling rural poverty in developing countries

“The rural poor do not always receive as much aid and assistance as their numbers warrant. Despite urbanisation, the majority of the world’s poorest people still live in rural settings and by 2015 two thirds of the poor will still be there.

“We acknowledge the difficulties in reaching the rural poor. DFID must continue its good work providing much needed aid to developing countries, but with a stronger focus on the most vulnerable people in rural areas.”

14 Mar 2007
Report cover

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Accounts 2005-06

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office resource accounts for 2005-06, published today, include a report by Sir John Bourn, head of the National Audit Office, on the theft and misuse of satellite phones in Iraq. The NAO report provides Parliament with details of losses of £594,000 caused by the unauthorised use of satellite telephones in Iraq. … Read more

21 Jul 2006
Report cover showing a global conference

International benchmark of fraud and error in social security systems

“Social security fraud and error is a problem not only for the UK, but also across the world. While we always want to see further progress, the international picture tells us that DWP is at the forefront in identifying, measuring and reducing this kind of fraud and error. I am encouraged that it will be able to pass on some of the lessons it has learnt, and gain from the experiences of other countries.”

20 Jul 2006
Report cover image showing a group of hillside farmers in Rwanda

DFID: working with non-governmental organisations and other civil society organisations to promote development

“Civil Society Organisations play an important role in many developing countries, helping people get their voice heard and securing basic necessities and rights. The Department for International Development has achieved positive impacts at a project level, but more robust assessment and monitoring needs to be in place to ensure cost effective, strategic and sustainable benefits for the poorest people around the world.”

6 Jul 2006
Report cover showing a man looking at the devastation of the Tsunami

Department for International Development Tsunami: Provision of Financial Support for Humanitarian Assistance

“The speed of DFID’s response after the tsunami was impressive and demonstrates the importance of planning for disasters. The scaling back of expenditure against the £75 million of immediate humanitarian assistance promised was justified, given the generosity of other governments and people from around the world. But it remains important to keep control over the £50 million paid in grants to other organisations and to know how it is spent.”

1 Mar 2006
Report cover showing the Royal Coat of Arms

Consular Services to British Nationals

The FCO has made significant improvements in the consular service it provides, but further progress is needed to deliver a service which meets the changing needs of Britons overseas, according to a National Audit Office report. The main elements of consular services are advising on overseas travel, issuing passports abroad and assisting Britons in distress … Read more

24 Nov 2005
Report cover showing a team pulling a rope in 'tug of war'

Joint Targets

“Relieving poverty and preventing conflict are not the kind of things that can be done by one arm of government working on its own. These challenges demand involvement and co-operation from many parts of government. Joint targets are a sensible first step towards this. But if joint targets are going to work as effectively as possible, both in the international arena and elsewhere, more attention should be paid to how they are designed, planned and resourced.”

14 Oct 2005