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Delivering High Quality Impact Assessments

“The quality of published assessments of the impact of proposed regulations has improved. But the standard varies widely and, while there is better quantification of the costs and benefits, a minority still contain a superficial evidence base or standard of analysis.

“Departments should raise the standard of evidence used to assess the options for achieving the objectives of new regulations. They should also give greater thought to how regulations will be enforced after implementation.”

30 Jan 2009
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Regulating the security industry

“The security industry has been subject to suspicion and even criminality in the past and the Security Industry Authority has done well to set up a licensing system which has secured a high level of compliance. Poor cost forecasting and ineffective management of the licensing scheme have, however, resulted in the SIA spending over £17 million more than planned. The Authority needs to improve the quality of its forecasting and its management of the scheme so that it is better equipped for dealing with future demand for licences.”

17 Oct 2008
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The Administrative Burdens Reduction Programme, 2008

“The Government’s initiative to drive down administrative burdens on business has raised awareness of regulatory reform and departments have begun to reduce some burdens. The next step is to deliver tangible benefits for businesses. Departments need to engage more directly with businesses to focus on changes that will really help, and check that the action they are taking is having the intended effect.”

8 Oct 2008
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Protecting consumers? Removing retail price controls

“The removal of price controls is an important step in the development of competition in these markets, but it is not the end of the story. Ofcom, Ofgem and Postcomm need to be vigilant, and be prepared to use their other powers when necessary, to ensure genuine competition is present and that it is working to serve consumers.

“And there are clear lessons for regulators considering removing price controls in other markets. In particular they must be more diligent in getting all the data they need and ensuring that their decision making is transparent and makes good use of consultation.”

28 Mar 2008