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HM Revenue & Customs’ estate private finance deal eight years on

“This major contract has been significantly affected, for the contractor Mapeley in particular, by the current economic climate. Mapeley benefited when the property market was expanding but the economic downturn has made the contract more onerous. HMRC must take a significantly more astute commercial approach if it is to deliver value for money for the taxpayer.”

3 Dec 2009

HM Revenue & Customs’ transformation programme

“This is an ambitious programme of change with the potential to provide significant benefits in terms of tax yield and improvements for the Department’s customers. To succeed the Department must determine what it expects the programme to achieve with the resources available. It should also establish that the planned benefits are realistic and confirm each year that those achieved are robust.”

18 Jul 2008

HM Revenue and Customs 2008-09 Accounts: The Comptroller and Auditor General’s Standard Report

“These difficult economic times underline the fundamental importance of an efficient tax system. During the economic downturn, not only is there less tax to collect but the process of collecting that tax is more challenging. It is essential that HM Revenue and Customs actively manages tax debt and takes positive steps to clear processing work on hand so that taxpayers have certainty about their liabilities.”

20 Jul 2009
Rows of Drinks cans

HM Revenue and Customs Renewed Alcohol Strategy: A progress report

HMRC’s renewed strategy for dealing with alcohol duty fraud is a significant improvement on the previous strategy. However, the Department needs a reliable estimate of the tax gaps for beer and wine; and to tackle successfully the illicit diversion of duty-unpaid alcohol back into the UK market.

25 Jan 2012
Call centre staff answering enquiries

HM Revenue and Customs: Handling telephone enquiries

“HMRC seems to be going in the right direction seeking strategic savings by reducing face to face interaction where the job can be done by telephone or online. However, this may not be much comfort if yours was one of the 43 per cent of calls which did not get an answer in 2008-09. HMRC needs to get telephone service standards up significantly if the transition to technology-enabled working is to have taxpayer support and deliver value for money.”

15 Jan 2010
Magnifying glass and accounts

HMRC The compliance and enforcement programme

A major HMRC programme to improve the way it tackles evasion delivered £4.32 billion of additional tax yield, reduced staff numbers and improved compliance work. However the Department is not yet exploiting the full potential of its new systems.

1 Mar 2012
HMRC logo

HMRC’s approach to collecting tax from high net worth individuals

HMRC has a special unit to collect tax from high net worth individuals who are those with assets of £20m or more. While this special unit gives it a better understanding of the tax affairs and behaviours of these taxpayers it needs to evaluate what approaches are the most effective and to understand the outcome it achieves.

1 Nov 2016