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Review of errors in Guaranteed Minimum Pension payments

“This is a sad case of public administration failure. Warnings were first sounded years ago that there were problems but no one took responsibility for resolving them. It is essential to prevent errors on this scale from happening again, but this will happen only if one party takes responsibility for the process as a whole.”

16 Jul 2009

Skills for life: improving adult literacy and numeracy

“Higher levels of literacy and numeracy will benefit England both socially and economically. More people will have the opportunity to live richer lives. The Department has made substantial progress since 2001 in improving the teaching of literacy and numeracy and making more people aware of the options and wanting to learn. But this is only the beginning. The Department and its partners will need to be creative and responsive if they are to reach another 1.5 million people by 2010. My report sets out some of the steps they need to take if they are to succeed.”

15 Dec 2004
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Social Fund Account 2009-10

The C&AG has qualified the Social Fund Account for the seventh consecutive year. The account has been qualified because of material levels of error in discretionary awards, and in Funeral Expense Payments. He has also qualified, for the first time, his opinion on Sure Start Maternity Grants.

2 Dec 2010