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Spring 2022

Secure schools

In 2016, the Taylor Review of the youth justice system recommended reforms to youth custody, including the introduction of secure schools – which would be small local establishments, governed and inspected as schools – to replace other custodial provision for young people, including secure training centres (STCs). STCs were designed to accommodate and educate more vulnerable young people.   The government originally committed to establishing the first secure school in 2020, but it is delayed. Meanwhile, … Read more

Spring 2022

Management of the Border during the COVID-19 pandemic

This study will examine the effectiveness of the UK Government’s implementation of its COVID-19 measures relating to cross-border travel, including testing requirements, quarantine and checking of documents. It will focus on how well current policy (since Spring 2021) is being implemented but will not examine how or why policy decisions were made. The study will … Read more

Summer 2022

Electronic monitoring

Electronic monitoring (‘tagging”) allows the police, courts, probation, and immigration services to monitor an offender’s location and compliance with court orders and take action as necessary. In 2017, we examined The new generation electronic monitoring programme. HM Prison & Probation Service recently decided to suspend development of a new IT system intended to allow bodies … Read more