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Autumn 2020

Learning for government from EU Exit preparations

When the UK voted to leave the EU in 2016, it created a significant challenge for government. Government had to determine how leaving the EU would affect the UK, and plan and implement what was necessary to ensure the UK would be ready to leave. The scale of resources devoted to the work was significant. … Read more

Autumn 2020

Improving bus services in England

In 2019, buses accounted for over 50% of public transport journeys in England outside London, and they are particularly important for people on lower incomes. The majority of local buses are commercial services but central and local public funding support shows their importance to the wider economy and society. The Department for Transport has a … Read more

early years provision interactive graphical visulaisation

Early education and childcare entitlements data visualisation

Introduction to the topic Evidence has shown that high-quality early education and childcare can support children’s development and improve their outcomes. The Department for Education funds three entitlements to free early education and childcare in England: The disadvantage entitlement: 15 hours per week for disadvantaged 2-year-olds The universal entitlement: 15 hours per week for all … Read more

29 Jul 2020