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Ministry of Defence Departmental Resource Accounts 2000-2001

Sir John Bourn, Head of the National Audit Office, recognised in his Report to Parliament today the further progress which has been made by the Ministry of Defence in implementing Resource Accounts. The MoD has put in hard work and made great strides during the last year. However, Sir John has qualified his opinion on … Read more

18 Dec 2001
Report cover showing collage of public sector services

Joining Up to Improve Public Services

It is important that organisations work well together and that departments tackle the barriers to joint working so that long lasting improvements are made to the quality of services that the public receive, Sir John Bourn, the Head of the NAO, reported to Parliament today. The report evaluates the achievements of 5 initiatives and highlights … Read more

7 Dec 2001
Report cover showing gears

Managing the relationship to secure a successful partnership in PFI projects

“As PFI deals are long term arrangements it is essential that authorities and contractors work together as partners to achieve successful outcomes.

“The main elements of a successful relationship between the public and private sectors are to adopt a partnership approach supported by the right contractual framework, to have the right skills mix present at the right time, and to make the partnership work in practice.

“My report will help both authorities and contractors to achieve good relationships on PFI projects to assist the delivery of public services procured under the PFI.”

29 Nov 2001
Report cover showing a Type 45 Destroyer

Ministry of Defence: Major Projects Report 2001

“I am concerned, however, that comprehensive indicators are not yet in place to measure the success of the assessment phase in reducing project risk, which is key to future successful acquisition. Nor are there measures to fully assess whether all of the benefits of Smart Acquisition are being achieved. MoD should give priority to establishing such indicators.”

23 Nov 2001
Report cover showing illustration on business man on a spring

Better Regulation: Making Good Use of Regulatory Impact Assessments

Regulatory impact assessments (RIA) have helped contribute to better policy making and reducing the costs to business according to a National Audit Office report published today. It concludes that while there are many examples of good practice in the process of preparing RIAs across Whitehall, there is room for improvement. Presenting the report to Parliament, … Read more

15 Nov 2001
Report cover showing Inland Revenue logo

NIRS 2: Contract extension

The Inland Revenue, when required to make major enhancements to its national insurance computer system (NIRS 2) to accommodate significant legislative changes, decided to award a contract extension to Accenture, its existing supplier. And, according to a report from the National Audit Office, published today, the contract extension: offered better value for money than the … Read more

14 Nov 2001
Report cover showing Rodin's Thinker

Modern Policy-Making: Ensuring Policies Deliver Value for Money

Departments should check whether their policy-making and implementation processes are suitable and cost effective, and the Cabinet Office can assist by accelerating the identification and dissemination of good practice, Sir John Bourn, head of the National Audit Office, today reported to Parliament. Departments spend some £350 billion a year on a range of services and … Read more

1 Nov 2001
Report cover showing woman collecting for charity

Giving Confidently:The Role of the Charity Commission in Regulating Charities

Sir John Bourn, head of the National Audit Office, has welcomed progress made by the Charity Commission in tackling concerns previously raised about its performance by the National Audit Office and the Public Accounts Committee. Scope for further improvement remains, however, particularly in the Commission’s approach to investigation where problems arise among registered charities and … Read more

25 Oct 2001