This interactive briefing pack summarises the National Audit Office’s work in the police and fire sectors since 2012. It highlights the key messages coming from a selection of our recent reports and should be of interest to Police and Crime Commissioners and their officers, senior police and fire officials and the general public.

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hompage_banking faqs

Taxpayer support for UK banks

Learn more about our work regarding taxpayer support for UK banks.

Pen and Calculator

Self-assessment resources

Frameworks and guides to aid organisations’ self-assessment and decision-making

Twenty pound notes

Snapshot of UK finances

Whole of Govt Accounts show what the UK government owns, owes, spends and receives.

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Amyas Morse Portraits - 19 05 09

Speech by Sir Amyas Morse at Whitehall & Industry Group (15 September)

The C&AG will give a breakfast briefing to business and public sector leaders.


Regional devolution and the Midlands Engine (16 Sept)

Aileen Murphie, NAO Director for DCLG is speaking.


Generating Alternative Sources of Revenue (20 Sept)

Aileen Murphie, Director, DCLG and Local Government is speaking

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