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Responses to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests made to the NAO between January and March 2024 are below.

You can also download this 2024 disclosure log (xlsx – 24 KB)

FOI request Date received Category Subject Disclosure status Exemption(s) applied
FOI-1683 (pdf – 240 KB) January 2024 Contracts Celestix Direct Access solution contract Partial disclosure S.40(2)
FOI-1684 (pdf – 336 KB)
FOI-1684 hosting contracts (xlsx – 20 KB)
January 2024 Contracts Hosting contracts Partial disclosure S.40(2)
FOI-1685 (pdf – 246 KB)
FOI-1685 contracts (pdf – 19 KB)
January 2024 Contracts Telephone maintenance contracts Partial disclosure S.40(2)
FOI-1686 (pdf – 193 KB) January 2024 Auditing Money and Pensions Service debt advice targets Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1688 (pdf – 246 KB)
FOI-1688 data (pdf – 45 KB)
January 2024 Reports Request for underlying data from the NAO report ‘PFI and PF2’ Partial disclosure S.33
FOI-1689 (pdf – 223 KB) January 2024 Contracts Gas and electricity contracts Partial disclosure S.40(2)
FOI-1690 (pdf – 137 KB) January 2024 Local Government Kent County Council spend on bus service Not held None applicable
FOI-1691 (pdf – 262 KB) January 2024 Central Government PPE contracts Partial disclosure S.33, S.23 & S.24
FOI-1692 (pdf – 240 KB) February 2024 Auditing New hospital in Kings Lynn Withheld S.33
FOI-1693 (pdf – 228 KB) February 2024 Corporate NAO Accountancy Graduate Programme Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1694 (pdf – 195 KB) February 2024 Corporate NAO recommendations tracker Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1696 (pdf – 193 KB)
FOI-1696 software contracts (xlsx – 20 KB)
February 2024 Corporate NAO software contracts Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1697 (pdf – 267 KB) February 2024 Central Government Foreign criminals living in the UK Not held None applicable
FOI-1698 (pdf – 256 KB)
FOI-1698 documents (pdf – 11 MB)
March 2024 Auditing National Highways’ Annual Accounts Partial disclosure S.40(2)
FOI-1699 (pdf – 250 KB) March 2024 Corporate Recruitment spend Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1700 (pdf – 160 KB) March 2024 Central Government VIP lane PPE referrals Not held None applicable
FOI-1701 (pdf – 190 KB)
FOI-1701 WhatsApp policy (pdf – 119 KB)
March 2024 Corporate WhatsApp use policy Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1702 (pdf – 177 KB) March 2024 Auditing Bank of England compliance risks Not held None applicable
FOI-1703 (pdf – 154 KB) March 2024 Central Government Enhanced Trade and Investment agreement with Nigeria Not held None applicable
FOI-1704 (pdf – 225 KB) March 2024 Contracts HMPO service level agreement Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1705 (pdf – 155 KB) March 2024 Auditing National Army Museum Audit Not held None applicable
FOI-1706 (pdf – 195 KB)
FOI-1706 transparency report (pdf – 2MB)
March 2024 Auditing Request for VFM guidelines Partial disclosure None applicable
FOI-1707 (pdf – 158 KB) March 2024 Auditing The Moderator Proposition Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1708 (pdf – 178 KB)
FOI-1708 staff turnover (19 KB)
March 2024 Corporate NAO staff turnover Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1709 (pdf – 200 KB) March 2024 Auditing Audits on MOD projects in Saudia Arabia since 2007 Not held None applicable
FOI-1710 (pdf – 204 KB)
FOI-1710 HR manual (pdf – 1 MB)
March 2024 Corporate NAO HR Employee policy manual Full disclosure None applicable