The NAO strategy 2014-15 to 2016-17 sets out how our public audit perspective will help Parliament hold government to account and improve public services.

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Public sector funding

The public sector faces continuing financial constraints, putting pressure on its funding and services. The civil service must provide public services for less. These changes bring opportunities but also risks to value for money. Parliament needs a strong audit institution, to give strong accountability for public funds.

What we do

We help the government spend wisely. Our objectives are:

  • to develop and apply our knowledge;
  • increase our influence; and
  • deliver high performance.

These objectives form the core of our strategy. However, we will also change how we achieve our strategy – so our work is responsive, targeted and relevant.

Our quality

Our high-quality work for parliamentary select committees, particularly the Committee of Public Accounts (PAC), is cost effective and has measurable financial impacts. We worked with PAC to examine issues such as:

  • the decision to cancel the InterCity West Coast franchise competition, and
  • how Universal Credit has so far been implemented.

Our strategy

Our strategy shows why and how we are reshaping the NAO. We welcome the Public Accounts Commission’s contribution in developing it. Our core strengths in financial and value-for-money audit will remain. We will also:

  • change how we work to match the issues facing departments;
  • remain relevant to Parliament and public bodies, through our comparative analysis;
  • take on new responsibilities for local government work;
  • increase our investigative and early intervention work; and
  • produce more products for different audiences, responding quickly to complex, fast-moving issues.

Our skills and savings

Our staff are vital to achieving our strategy. We are improving our skills strategy, so we have the skills and experience to meet the public sector’s needs. As a public body, we practise what we preach and will meet our own cost savings target.

The future

The next few years will be demanding. Those providing public services will be scrutinised in the run up to the next general election; this will include and affect our work. We will transform how we work, using our strengths and new capabilities, to help the government improve public services, and give Parliament assurance.

Professor Sir Andrew Likierman

Amyas C E Morse
Comptroller and Auditor General

November 2013


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