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Lottery balls

Investigation: National Lottery funding for good causes

An investigation into the fall in National Lottery income for good causes in 2016-17. It reviews the trends in total National Lottery sales and income for good causes, focusing on the six distributors with the largest share of National Lottery income and the way they have managed the balances within the National Lottery Distribution Fund.

13 December 2017

13 Dec 2017
BBC headquarters

Management of the BBC’s critical projects

BBC has improved the way it manages its business critical projects. Most are on course to deliver and achieve their intended benefits but needs to do more to manage its critical projects as a coherent portfolio.

10 May 2016

2012-13 review of the data systems for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Review of a sample of the data systems underpinning the input and impact indicators in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s Business Plan, Common Areas of Spend and wider management information.
This review was carried out on the 2012-15 Business Plan. Revised Business Plans were issued in June 2013.

12 Aug 2013