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Assessing the value for money of

“Public sector organisations are being challenged now to gain greater value for money from their procurement activities. has made good progress in enabling public sector organisations to achieve good value for money in the procurement of goods and services. But it could do much more by improving its performance. This would be helped by greater co-ordination of the many public sector bodies carrying out procurement activities.”

14 Dec 2006

Financial management in the European Union

“I am pleased to see the Court was able to issue a positive Statement of Assurance on a larger percentage of EU spending than it had done at any time in the previous decade and that it reported that the Commission had made progress in a number of key areas of financial management, such as the development of its internal control framework.

“Last year, I said that the United Kingdom’s Presidency of the European Union in the latter half of 2005 presented the United Kingdom authorities with an opportunity to push for improvements in financial management. I am pleased to see therefore that the United Kingdom Presidency made a substantial contribution to initiatives in this area. The challenge is to keep up the momentum during the Austrian and Finnish Presidencies in 2006.”

29 Mar 2006

Progress in improving government efficiency

“There are many worthwhile activities going on within the efficiency programme and I am pleased that some good progress is clearly being made. However the time is now right for government to move on from isolated, one-off efficiency initiatives, covering selected activities, towards a much more all-embracing approach to achieving efficiency. To sum up, efficiency is not an ‘add on’, a separate programme from ‘core business’. Efficiency is the way ‘core business’ has to be delivered and improvements in the quality of public services secured.”

17 Feb 2006