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Ministry of Defence: Treating injury and illness arising on military operations

“The good news is that my report has found that treatment for seriously injured personnel is highly effective. Alongside this positive finding, we point out the need to continue to improve contingency planning for facilities in the UK in the context of a longer term conflict, and the importance of increased efforts to prevent disruption due to rising levels of short term illness.” 

10 Feb 2010

Ministry of Defence: Major Projects Report 2009

“The Ministry of Defence has a multi-billion pound budgetary black hole which it is trying to fix with a ‘save now, pay later’ approach. This gives a misleadingly negative picture of how well some major projects in MOD are managed, represents poor value for money and heightens the risk that the equipment our Armed Forces require will not be available when it is needed or in the quantities promised. Bold action will be required to prioritise defence spending as part of the planned Strategic Defence Review after the General Election.”

15 Dec 2009

Report of the C&AG on the 2008-09 Resource Accounts of the Ministry of Defence

“At this time of high operational demand, it is more important than ever for the Ministry of Defence to have accurate records of where its assets are, and how much stock it has. It must also have a military pay process which is fit for purpose. Although the Ministry of Defence has made some improvements to its Payroll and HR systems over the past year, I consider that there are important issues which have not been fully addressed and further significant changes are required.”

20 Jul 2009

Support to High Intensity Operations

“The task of supporting operations in Iraq and Afghanistan is not an easy one. Despite this challenge, the Ministry of Defence has had a number of successes, particularly in providing life-saving medical treatment. But there is still more to do. By improving the management and replenishment of stocks in theatre and getting a clearer picture of what supplies are available and where they are, the MOD could make real improvements to its supply chain.”

14 May 2009

The Red Dragon project

“Both the Ministry of Defence and the Welsh Authorities have invested a considerable amount of time, effort and money in creating modern aviation repair facilities in South Wales, with a super-hangar which is now sitting almost empty. As it happens, under the Defence Training Review there should be a future for the super-hangar at St Athan, but the Red Dragon project underlines that public bodies need to have considered all implications of their respective strategies before commencing joint projects.”

Jeremy Colman, Auditor General for Wales, added:

“The Ministry of Defence and the Welsh Authorities failed to collaborate sufficiently throughout the project. Although for much of the time both had complementary objectives, they did not establish a common purpose for the project or a common understanding of their respective assumptions about the future of the site. The Red Dragon project highlights the danger in large and complex projects that involve multiple public bodies of insufficient openness and information sharing.”

27 Mar 2009

Ministry of Defence: Service Families Accommodation

“The MOD is working to improve the housing stock for Service families but it will still take many years to achieve its aim of getting all families in the highest condition property. The MOD needs to press on with disposing of vacant properties so that it can focus resources on improving the remaining stock.

18 Mar 2009

Providing Anti Air Warfare Capability: the Type 45 destroyer

“The early years of the Type 45 destroyer project were beset by problems. The Ministry of Defence is currently controlling costs and timescales successfully; but it now needs to focus on installing the other equipment the ships need to obtain their full capability and on getting to grips with developing an effective support solution to be ready in time to support these destroyers.”

13 Mar 2009

Ministry of Defence: Major Projects Report 2008

“The Ministry of Defence’s major defence projects experienced further aggregate delays of 96 months and cost increases of £205 million in 2007-08. The Department has taken reasonable decisions to reflect defence priorities and progress has been made in improving procurement practice. But performance remains variable and, until the MoD and the defence industry improve their decision making processes and show sustained learning from previous projects, value for money will not be consistently delivered.”

18 Dec 2008