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Report cover showing people painting a wall

The National Probation Service: the supervision of community orders in England and Wales

“There is some evidence that community orders can reduce the likelihood of reconviction, but I am concerned by gaps in the National Probation Service’s knowledge about its management of these sentences. The Service needs to identify its capacity to deliver community orders and the associated costs, and the effectiveness of different order requirements in reducing reconviction.

“As a matter of urgency, the Service should establish a mechanism to monitor and report the number of orders not completed in accordance with courts’ wishes.”

31 Jan 2008
Report cover showing police car

The Estate Strategy of the Police Service of Northern Ireland

“The Police Service of Northern Ireland is facing a formidable challenge in transforming its estate, but work to modernise the estate is leading to visible improvements.

“Progress has been slower than expected, and while the PSNI is taking steps to strengthen its estate management, it still has much to do if it is to deliver on time its five year plan to transform its estate and deliver better value for money.”

15 Dec 2006
Report cover showing policeman on motorbike

Northern Ireland Policing Board Best Value Performance Plan for 2005-06

“This report provides assurance that each year’s Performance Plan has been better than the last. I make recommendations so that the Policing Board can continue to improve the way it monitors and challenges the Police Service in the way it achieves Best Value.

Better IT is vital to improving the quality of the Police Service. It will not be easy to achieve what the strategy sets out. It is therefore important that the Police Service continue to monitor progress carefully in their implementation of both their strategy and my recommendations in this area.”

20 Jan 2006
Report cover image shoping policeman's hat

Northern Ireland Policing Board Best Value Performance Plan for 2004-05

“The Policing Board and Police Service have accepted the recommendations I make in my report and have a range to initiatives in hand to address them. These are positive signs that they are both aware of the challenges they face and that they have taken them up. I look forward to reporting positive progress on the working of Continuous Improvement next year and in future years.”

28 Jan 2005
Report cover

Northern Ireland National Insurance Fund 2002-2003

“I have qualified this account because of high levels of estimated fraud and official error in the payment of benefits from the Northern Ireland National Insurance Fund. I note the measures being taken by the Department to reduce fraud and error, and will review progress as part of my audit of the 2003-04 account to see whether the desired outcomes are being achieved.”

21 May 2004
Public sewer network - man in a tunnel

Out of Sight – Not Out of Mind: Ofwat and the Public Sewer Network in England and Wales

“While incidents of sewer flooding in properties are relatively rare, few could deny that it is highly distressing. This must be especially so for those who suffer repeat incidents. And the harm to the environment should not be dismissed. That is why I have made these recommendations to encourage the work that is already being done to reduce the risks of sewer flooding.”

16 Jan 2004