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Hinkley Point C Power Station - artists impression

Hinkley Point C

The Department has committed electricity consumers and taxpayers to a high cost and risky deal in a changing energy marketplace. We cannot say the Department has maximised the chances that it will achieve value for money.

23 Jun 2017
Wind turbine

Confirmed impacts: Highlighting an accountability gap in the reporting of the Levy Control Framework

This impacts case study shows how our work influenced the Department for Energy and Climate Change and HM Treasury to improve their accountability, governance and data quality, resulting in regular reporting on consumer-funded policies.

It is one example of financial or non-financial benefits realised in 2014 as a result of our involvement, all of which are set out in our interactive PDF.

15 Oct 2015
Aerial view of Sellafield

Progress on the Sellafield site: an update

The NAO has today published an update for the Public Accounts Committee, detailing developments in the management of the Sellafield site, the UK’s largest and most hazardous nuclear site, and the extent to which progress has been made in decommissioning and cleaning it up.

4 Mar 2015