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Report cover showing cardboard globe

Financial Management in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

“The FCO has made a concerted effort to improve its financial management in what is a difficult operating environment. It has strong leadership and a determination to drive its financial management forward, and it is working to increase the proportion of staff in its finance function who are qualified accountants. In managing within increasingly constrained resources, the Department will need to use the capability created through its “Five Star Finance” project to utilise available resources to best effect”.

3 Jun 2009
Report cover showing military vehicles

Support to High Intensity Operations

“The task of supporting operations in Iraq and Afghanistan is not an easy one. Despite this challenge, the Ministry of Defence has had a number of successes, particularly in providing life-saving medical treatment. But there is still more to do. By improving the management and replenishment of stocks in theatre and getting a clearer picture of what supplies are available and where they are, the MOD could make real improvements to its supply chain.”

14 May 2009
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Investing for development: the Department for International Development’s oversight of CDC Group plc

“By achieving strong financial performance with a portfolio weighted towards poor countries, CDC will have made a credible contribution to economic development in those countries. But the scale of that contribution, or the direct effect on poverty reduction for poor people, is harder to demonstrate. DFID needs better evidence on the scale of CDC’s impact to make sure it secures the greatest development benefits.”

5 Dec 2008
Report cover showing a Hercules C-130 aircraft

Ministry of Defence: Hercules C-130 Tactical Fixed Wing Airlift Capability

“The MoD’s focus has been on supporting troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Under difficult circumstances, it has ensured the armed forces have the Hercules aircraft they need. But delays to the A400M aircraft, as well as the stresses and strains caused by sustained operational use of the existing Hercules fleet, are stretching both aircraft and aircrew and could in time pose risks to their future effectiveness.”

27 Jun 2008
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Department for International Development – Providing budget support to developing countries

“Budget support can help developing country governments deliver basic services to some of the world’s most vulnerable people. But to ensure that money provided by the UK is spent by governments in the most efficient and effective way and that it reaches the people who need it, DFID needs to improve further some of the basics. These include setting more precise objectives, monitoring progress more systematically, and clarifying the risks to UK funds.”

8 Feb 2008
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Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Managing risk in the Overseas Territories

“The UK government has a responsibility to ensure the security and good governance of the overseas territories, and I’m encouraged by areas of progress made in the last ten years.

“Though they share many challenges the Overseas Territories are a very diverse group. There is more that can be done to help all Territories consistently reach the best standards already to be found amongst them.”

16 Nov 2007