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Report cover showing large crowd of people

Delivering Public Services to a Diverse Society

“Tailoring public services to address diverse needs can be seen as important, not simply as a moral end it itself, but also to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public services by making sure they actually benefit all those they are designed to serve. This report shows that there is much that government can do and is doing to achieve this, and makes recommendations that show how this might best be effected.”

10 Dec 2004
Report cover showing pamphlets on Fine collectors

Department for Constitutional Affairs: Fines Collection

“The Department for Constitutional Affairs has taken positive steps on fines collection since we last reported on this subject in 2002 but our study revealed that some offenders cannot pay their fines, and many others are determined not to pay until forced to do so. If justice is to be done, it is essential that those who have been given a financial penalty by the courts should pay up. To this end, fines must be set at a level appropriate to the offender’s ability to pay, and effective action should be taken to enforce them. Evidence from some areas suggests that a more robust approach to collection from the start can change the culture of non-payment among offenders.”

25 May 2006