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NHS and sustainability

This briefing on the NHS and sustainability in England has been prepared for the Environmental Audit Committee. It focuses on identifying potential good practice, opportunities and challenges and draws on the NAO’s good practice criteria.

27 Mar 2015
Report cover showing fire fighting equipment with a fire in the near distance

New Dimension – enhancing the Fire and Rescue Services’ capacity to respond to terrorist and other large-scale incidents

“The New Dimension programme has helped provide the Fire and Rescue Services with the specialist equipment and training it needs to respond to terrorist and other major catastrophic incidents. But better value for money could have been achieved, and the project has been subject to considerable delays. The Department for Communities and Local Government still needs to enhance major incident planning by Fire and Rescue Services for regional and national-scale incidents.”

31 Oct 2008
Report cover showing an asylum seeker looking out of the window

National Asylum Support Service: The Provision of Accommodation for Asylum Seekers

“Providing suitable accommodation for asylum seekers is one of the most complex and difficult tasks facing the government. The National Asylum Support Service was stretched to the limit when the number of asylum seekers in accommodation reached over 67,000 in March 2003. Although the Service managed to deal with this workload, its contracts did not always provide value for money.

“In order to avoid such difficulties in future, it is important that NASS be able to respond more readily to fluctuations in demand. By transferring more of the risks and responsibilities onto its contractors, the Service will be in a better position to monitor performance and take corrective action when there are changes in the number of asylum seekers requiring accommodation.”

7 Jul 2005
Report cover showing mother and children

More than a roof: progress in tackling homelessness

“I am pleased that efforts to improve the lives of homeless families with children and of rough sleepers have been successful, and that new cases of homelessness started to fall in 2004. But it remains a real concern that homelessness applications are high, and that such large numbers of people are living in temporary accommodation. The Government’s targets for families and rough sleepers may have been met but further efforts are required to improve the lives of other homeless groups. It is particularly important that the Homelessness and Housing Support Directorate continues its work to identify the most effective types of intervention and share good practice with those working on the front line.”

23 Feb 2005
Police officer holding mobile device

Mobile technology in policing

A programme to equip frontline police officers with mobile devices, such as BlackBerrys and personal data assistants, has achieved a basic level of benefits. However, as the benefits for most forces do not extend beyond this basic level, then value for money has not yet been achieved from the £80 million of expenditure.

27 Jan 2012
Terrace of Service housing

Ministry of Defence: Service Families Accommodation

“The MOD is working to improve the housing stock for Service families but it will still take many years to achieve its aim of getting all families in the highest condition property. The MOD needs to press on with disposing of vacant properties so that it can focus resources on improving the remaining stock.

18 Mar 2009
Report cover showing row of houses

Ministry of Defence – Quality of Housing Services to Service Families Overseas

“Although the MoD manages the difficult job of providing homes for military personnel and their families well, there is more to a housing service than simply providing a roof over one’s head. There needs to be a real change in the culture of providing housing services overseas if families are to see an improvement in the quality of the service they receive. The MoD has accepted the need to move towards a more customer-focused approach in the management and delivery of the overseas housing service, and has committed itself to bring about an improvement in service delivery.”

10 Mar 2005