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NAO Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17

The government has agreed that Principal Accounting Officers of the main central government departments should provide a statement of their accountability systems, covering all of the relevant accountability relationships within the department, including relationships with arm’s length bodies and third party delivery partners in an Accounting Officer System Statement. This requirement does not apply to the NAO, but our accountability relationships and processes are set out in full in our Governance Statement and other sections of the Annual Report.

23 Jun 2017
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NAO Annual Report and Accounts 2015-16

The Annual Report highlights that, during 2015-16, we certified 368 accounts, published 65 reports on a wide range of public expenditure issues, supported 47 evidence sessions of the Committee of Public Accounts and met our efficiency targets. Our recommendations and reports on good practice helped government improve public services, and our work led to audited savings of £1.21 billion in 2015.

29 Jun 2016
National Audit Office

NAO Diversity Annual Report 2014-15

This report summarises our progress over the third year of the 2012-2015 strategy. As part of our commitment to the Public Sector Equality Duty we also publish equality data in our separate ‘Equality Information’ report.

24 Jun 2015
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NAO Annual Report and Accounts 2014-15

The Annual Report highlights that, during 2014-15, we certified 442 accounts, published 65 major reports and supported 60 hearings of the Committee of Public Accounts. We have helped create £5.5 billion in savings across the public sector over the past five years, including £1.15 billion in 2014. Since 2010-11, we have reduced our net resource spend by 23%, after allowing for inflation.

16 Jun 2015