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2012-13 review of the data systems for the Ministry of Defence

Review of a sample of the data systems underpinning the input and impact indicators in the Ministry of Defence’s Business Plan, Common Areas of Spend and wider management information.
This review was carried out on the 2012-15 Business Plan. Revised Business Plans were issued in June 2013.

9 Aug 2013
Report cover showing a Defence vehicle going through country side

Allocation and management of risk in Ministry of Defence PFI projects

“Most of the private finance projects in its portfolio of more than 50 have been delivered successfully by the Ministry of Defence. But the Department needs to be more alert to the risks that can emerge once the project is up and running, such as inaccurate performance reporting. It could also reduce procurement times by speeding up its decision-making, and by collecting better information at the outset on current and prospective use of the service and the condition of assets.”

30 Oct 2008
Report cover

Appropriation Accounts 1998-99 Volume 1: Class I – Ministry of Defence

“In 1998-99 the Ministry of Defence once again failed to keep their spending within the limits set by Parliament. And the loss of public funds through abortive expenditure on IT projects is clearly a cause for concern. Although the Department have made some improvements, my Report shows that they need further to improve their financial management and controls over expenditure.”

19 Jan 2000
Army Infantry

Army 2020

The MOD decision to reduce the size of the regular Army and increase the number of trained Army reserves was taken without appropriate testing of feasibility or evaluation of risk.

11 Jun 2014
Report cover showing soldiers on a drill

Assessing and Reporting Military Readiness

“At a time when the security environment is unpredictable, it is encouraging that the Ministry of Defence is continuing to develop the system that reports the readiness of its Armed Forces. The Ministry of Defence has identified a number of factors that may hinder the readiness of the Armed Forces and these need to be watched carefully. In particular, it needs to evaluate longer-term risks to the United Kingdom forces’ ability to undertake future operations. I am pleased that the Ministry of Defence has already begun work in response to the recommendations in this Report.”

15 Jun 2005
Ship construction

Carrier Strike

Changes to the aircraft carrier project in the 2010 defence review will save £3.4 billion but leave the UK without carrier capability for nine years.

7 Jul 2011
Ship construction

Carrier Strike: Supplementary Report

The NAO has today issued a supplementary report on the Carrier Strike project, having been given access to briefing papers held by the National Security Secretariat in the Cabinet Office.

29 Nov 2011