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Someone filling up a glass with water

The economic regulation of the water sector

Since privatisation, Ofwat and Defra have overseen major improvements in water quality and service quality. Customers have seen a marked rise in bills but not the benefits of companies’ unexpected financial gains.

14 Oct 2015
Cover of The efficiency of radio production at the BBC

The efficiency of radio production at the BBC: review by the Comptroller & Auditor General presented to the BBC Trust’s Finance and Strategy Committee

The NAO review looked at what the BBC is doing to maximise the efficiency of radio production across its Network and Nations radio stations, focusing on the use of cost comparisons for similar programme types within the BBC stations and with commercial competitors, the BBC’s efficiency plans and the BBC’s assessment of the impact of efficiency initiatives on performance.

5 Feb 2009
Report cover image of five pound coins squeezed in a vice

The Efficiency Programme: A Second Review of Progress

“When I last reported on the Efficiency Programme, nearly a year ago, I concluded that reported efficiency gains should all be treated as provisional. Since then, progress has been made in improving the robustness of how gains are measured. But many reported efficiency gains still carry a significant risk of inaccuracy.

“In this spending period, there is more to do to show that all reported gains are both genuine and sustainable. Looking further ahead the next spending period provides an opportunity to ensure that efficiency is improved across all aspects of the business.”

8 Feb 2007