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Digger in ditch

Internal Drainage Boards

Internal Drainage Boards (IDBs) are local independent public bodies responsible for managing water levels in low-lying areas where there is a special drainage need and contributing to flood risk management. IDBs cover nearly 10% of England’s land area and spent more than £61m last year. The report focuses on governance and oversight arrangements; processes for raising concerns; and, the potential for conflicts of interest.

21 Mar 2017
A girl with Downs Syndrome in conversation

Local support for people with a learning disability

Good progress has been made by the Department of Health and NHS England in setting up a programme to close hospital beds for people with a learning disability, but the programme is not yet on track to achieve value for money. The report examines how the NHS in England and local authorities seek to improve the lives of the 129,000 people aged 18 to 64 who use local authority learning disability support services.

3 Mar 2017
NAO clock tower

NAO work on transition grant and rural services delivery grant

In response to correspondence from Helen Goodman MP on behalf of 11 other MPs the NAO conducted an investigation into the Department for Communities and Local Government’s approach to the allocation of transition grant and rural service delivery grant (rural grant) for 2016-17.

16 Feb 2017