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Responses to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests made to the NAO between April and December 2022 are below.

You can also download this 2022 disclosure log (xlsx – 24 KB)

FOI request Date received Category Subject Disclosure status Exemption(s) applied
FOI-1516 (pdf – 198 KB) April 2022 Corporate NAO’s Gender Pay Gap report Not held None applicable
FOI-1517 (pdf – 244 KB) April 2022 Finance Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Accounts Withheld s.40, s.33
FOI-1518 (pdf – 217 KB) April 2022 Local Government Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing Charging Scheme Accounts 2020-2021 Partial disclosure s.33
FOI-1520 (pdf – 213 KB) April 2022 Local Government The number of Local Authorities whose 2019/20 and 2020/21 Audit remains incomplete Withheld s.33
FOI-1521 (pdf – 192 KB)  April 2022 Central Government Complaints about the Child Support Agency regarding inaccurate arrears from 2012-2022 Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1522 (pdf – 280 KB)  April 2022 Central Government Child Maintenance Complaints Received over the last 5 years Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1523 (pdf – 188 KB)  April 2022  Local Government Destroyed Covid Vaccines in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby, and Derbyshire Not held None applicable
FOI-1524 (pdf – 213 KB)
FOI-1524 letter (pdf – 141 KB)
May 2022 Central Government HM Treasury Correspondence about Local Partnerships Partial disclosure s.40
FOI-1525 (pdf – 267 KB) May 2022 Finance Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Accounts Withheld s.40, s.33
FOI-1526 (pdf – 269 KB) May 2022 Central Government Information about the public sector organisation concerned, project name, RAG status Withheld s.22
FOI-1528 (pdf – 211 KB) May 2022  Local Government Report into the compliance of funding awarded to the Tees Valley Combined Authority Not held None applicable
FOI-1530 (pdf – 238 KB) June 2022 Finance Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Accounts Withheld s.40, s.33
FOI-1531 (pdf – 301 KB)
FOI-1531 data (xlsx – 74 KB)
May 2022 Contracts The NAO’s Contracts Register Partial disclosure s.40, s.33
FOI-1532 (pdf – 194 KB) June 2022 Corporate Performance Metrics Withheld s.14(2)
FOI-1533 (pdf – 216 KB)
FOI-1533 contracts (xlsx – 47 KB)
June 2022 Contracts Call Off Contracts Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1534 (pdf – 233 KB) July 2022  Local Government The Audit of Adult Social Care and the Council Accounts and Inspection Rights Not held None applicable
FOI-1535 (pdf – 183 KB) July 2022  Local Government Annual Reports and Accounts – Covent Garden Market Authority & Covent Garden Market Act Not held None applicable
FOI-1536 (pdf – 257 KB) July 2022 Corporate 2022-2023 Employee Pay Review Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1537 (pdf – 154 KB)
FOI-1537 contracts (xlsx – 22 KB)
July 2022 Contracts NAO’s Software Contracts Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1538 (pdf – 176 KB) July 2022 Auditing Auditor Guidance & Local Government and Accountability Act 2014 Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1539 (pdf – 154 KB)
FOI-1539 contracts (xlsx – 20 KB)
July 2022 Contracts Core Digital Services Contracts Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1541 (pdf – 219 KB)
FOI-1541 plan (pdf – 2 MB)
FOI-1541 structure (pdf – 234 KB)
FOI-1541 infographic (738 KB)
August 2022 Corporate ICT Internal Plans and Strategy Partial disclosure s.40
FOI-1542 (pdf – 345 KB) August 2022 Corporate NAO’s Printing Facilities Partial disclosure s.40
FOI-1543 (pdf – 320 KB) August 2022 Auditing Rolls Royce Hybrid Aircraft Programme Withheld s.33, s.43, s.21
FOI-1544 (pdf – 229 KB) August 2022 Report A Review of the Principal of Sovereign Taxation Not held None applicable
FOI-1545 (pdf – 207 KB) September 2022 Contracts Main Laptop Refresh Programme Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1546 (pdf – 219 KB)
FOI-1546 contracts (xlsx – 24 KB)
September 2022 Contracts Call Off Contracts Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1547 (pdf – 210 KB) September 2022 Corporate Monies Given to Stonewall Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1548 (pdf -232 KB) September 2022 Central Government Government Major Projects Portfolio data Not held None applicable
FOI-1549 (pdf – 194 KB) September 2022 Finance Sale and Purchase Agreement for Northern Rock Not held None applicable
FOI-1550 (pdf – 246 KB)
FOI-1550 response (xlsx – 25 KB)
September 2022 Corporate Hosting Contracts Partial disclosure s.40
FOI-1551 (pdf – 203 KB) October 2022 Finance Funding Revenue Expenditure Through Government Borrowing Not held None applicable
FOI-1552 (pdf – 179 KB) October 2022 Report Audit Commission and NAO Reports on Regeneration Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1553 (pdf – 283 KB) October 2022 Contracts NAO Server and SAN Contracts Partial disclosure s.31(1a), S.40
FOI-1554 (pdf – 149 KB) October 2022 Contracts Target Contract Not held None applicable
FOI-1555 (pdf – 290 KB) October 2022 Auditing NAO Auditors Guidance and the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 Not held None applicable
FOI-1557 (pdf – 248 KB)
FOI-1557 contract (xlsx – 21 KB)
October 2022 Contracts Crown Commercial Service contract with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Partial disclosure None applicable
FOI-1558 (pdf – 222 KB) October 2022 Contracts Test and Trace contract Not held None applicable
FOI-1559 (pdf – 192 KB) October 2022 Contracts NHS Contract with PWC (UK) Limited Not held None applicable
FOI-1560 (pdf – 233 KB) October 2022 Contracts British Broadcasting Corporation Contract Not held None applicable
FOI-1561 (pdf – 210 KB) October 2022 Contracts Contract Awarded to IBM United Kingdom in relation to NHS App Contract Not held None applicable
FOI-1562 (pdf – 224 KB) October 2022 Contracts South West Police Procurement Services Not held None applicable
FOI-1563 (pdf – 210 KB) October 2022 Contracts University of Southampton’s Incident Response Retainer contract Not held None applicable
FOI-1564 (pdf – 199 KB) October 2022 Contracts East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust’s ENHT – Chat Bot contract Not held None applicable
FOI-1565 (pdf – 300 KB) October 2022 Corporate Whistleblowing Procedures Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1567 (pdf – 194 KB) November 2022 Central Government Guaranteed Minimum Pensions Not held None applicable
FOI-1568 (pdf – 184 KB) November 2022 Report The Crown Estate – Property leases Not held None applicable
FOI-1569 (pdf – 344 KB)
FOI-1569 contracts (xlsx – 76 KB)
November 2022 Contracts NAO’s Contracts Register Partial disclosure s.40, s.43
FOI-1570 (pdf – 282) November 2022 Corporate NAO’ Expenditure on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1571 (pdf – 231)
FOI-1571 contracts (xlsx – 23 KB)
November 2022 Contracts ICT Contracts Partial disclosure s.40
FOI-1573 (pdf – 218 KB) November 2022 Contracts Main Laptop refresh contract Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1574 (pdf – 238 KB)
FOI-1574 IR (pdf – 254 KB)
FOI-1574 IR documents (pdf – 202 KB)
November 2022 Auditing Oversight of the Post Office Services Partial disclosure s.33
FOI-1575 (pdf – 330 KB) November 2022 Auditing National Employment Saving Trust Withheld s.33
FOI-1576 (pdf – 225 KB) December 2022
Defence Equipment plan Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1577 (pdf – 209 KB) December 2022 Central Government Equitable Life Payment Scheme Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1578 (pdf – 227 KB) December 2022 Local Government Local Authorities Withheld s.12, s.16