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Responses to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests made to the NAO between January and September 2023 are below.

You can also download this 2023 disclosure log (xlsx – 23 KB)

FOI request Date received Category Subject Disclosure status Exemption(s) applied
FOI-1580 (pdf – 215 KB) January 2023 Reports The Sovereign Grant report Not held s.16
FOI-1581 (pdf – 162 KB) January 2023 Corporate Communicating with the Public Policy Not held None applicable
FOI-1582 (pdf – 183 KB)
FOI-1582 role (pdf – 193 KB)
January 2023 Corporate Suicide Prevention Policy Not held None applicable
FOI-1583 (pdf – 174 KB) January 2023 Auditing British Car Manufacturer Rover Not held None applicable
FOI-1584 (pdf – 186 KB) January 2023 Corporate TUPE staff from Forward Catering Services to Granada Not held None applicable
FOI-1586 (pdf – 260 KB)
FOI-1586 contracts (xlsx – 25 KB)
January 2023 Contracts NAO’s Mobile Phone Contracts Partial disclosure s.40
FOI-1587 (pdf – 225 KB)
FOI-1587 funding (xlsx – 65 KB)
January 2023 Local Government Local Government and Net Zero in England Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1588 (pdf – 204 KB) January 2023 Reports Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1589 (pdf – 257 KB) January 2023 Contracts Call Off Contracts Partial disclosure s.40
FOI-1590 (pdf – 221 KB) January 2023 Corporate The sale of Forward Catering Services Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1592 (pdf – 172 KB) February 2023 Local Government Local Audit Code and Guidance Not held None applicable
FOI-1593 (pdf – 212 KB) February 2023 Corporate Civil Service Annual Pay Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1594 (pdf – 250 KB)
FOI-1594 infographic (pdf – 733 KB)
FOI-1594 org chart (pdf – 167 KB)
FOI-1594 plan (pdf – 991 KB)
February 2023 Corporate ICT Documents 2023 Onwards Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1596 (pdf – 314 KB) March 2023 Local Government Transparency in Public Service Organisations and Institutions Withheld None applicable
FOI-1597 (pdf – 256 KB) March 2023 Central Government Legal Aid Agency – Payments on Account of Costs and Disbursements Withheld s.33
FOI-1598 (pdf – 161 KB)
FOI-1598 survey data (26 KB)
March 2023 Contracts Managing PFI Assets and Services as Contracts End Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1599 (pdf – 284 KB) March 2023 Central Government The Department of Energy and Net Zero Withheld s.40
FOI-1600 (pdf – 170 KB) April 2023 Contracts Cloud Hosting Services Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1601 (pdf – 196 KB) April 2023 Contracts ICT Contracts Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1603 (pdf – 253 KB) April 2023 Central Government Credit to Bank of England Partial disclosure None applicable
FOI-1604 (pdf – 256 KB) April 2023 Central Government The Insolvency Services and the Insolvency Services Investment Accounts Withheld s.33
FOI-1607 (pdf – 240 KB) April 2023 Contracts Track & Trace app Withheld s.12
FOI-1608 (pdf – 247 KB) April 2023 Auditing Tees Valley Combined Authority audits Not held None applicable
FOI-1609 (pdf – 212 KB) April 2023 Auditing Cost benefit ratio for the Carlisle Southern Link Not held None applicable
FOI-1610 (pdf – 204 KB)
FOI-1610 contracts (xlsx – 20 KB)
April 2023 Contracts Contact centre contracts Partial disclosure s.40
FOI-1611 (pdf – 191 KB) April 2023 Finance Unlicensed Prescriptions Medicines imported into the UK Not held None applicable
FOI-1612 (pdf – 240 KB) April 2023 Finance Track and Trace app accounts Withheld s.12
FOI-1613 (pdf – 260 KB) May 2023 Local Government Statistical data on personal budgets and direct payments Not held None applicable
FOI-1614 (pdf – 186 KB)  May 2023 Reports The statistical data from the Decent Homes report conducted in 2010 Not held None applicable
FOI-1615 (pdf – 270 KB)  May 2023 Auditing CMS debt on client accounts Not held None applicable
FOI-1616 (pdf – 251 KB)  May 2023 Auditing Audit of TVCA in relation to Teesworks Not held None applicable
FOI-1617 (pdf – 234 KB)  May 2023 Auditing NAO Investigation into the financial activities of the Coventry City of Culture Trust Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1618 (pdf – 258 KB)
FOI-1618 contracts (xlsx – 24 KB)
 May 2023 Contracts Information about Call-off contracts in the public sector Partial disclosure s.40
FOI-1619 (pdf – 204 KB)
FOI-1619 contract (xlsx – 21 KB)
 May 2023 Contracts Mobile phone contracts Partial disclosure s.40
FOI-1620 (pdf – 200 KB)  May 2023 Auditing Continuing healthcare funding Partial disclosure None applicable
FOI-1621 (pdf – 259 KB)
FOI-1621 contract (xlsx – 47 KB)
FOI-1621 applications (xlsx – 21 KB)
 May 2023 Contracts Software in use at NAO Partial disclosure s.40, s.31
FOI-1622 (pdf – 215 KB)
FOI-1622 contracts (xlsx – 20 KB)
June 2023 Contracts ICT Contracts Partial disclosure s.40, s.31
FOI-1623 (pdf – 279 KB)
FOI-1623 data (xlsx – 27 KB)
June 2023 Contracts Managing PFI Assets and Services as contracts end Partial disclosure s.33
FOI-1624 (pdf – 197 KB) June 2023 Reports NHS Covid-19 App Not held None applicable
FOI-1625 (pdf -193 KB) June 2023 Corporate Pay framework for the NAO accountancy graduate programme Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1626 (pdf – 273 KB) June 2023 Corporate The size and spend of the NAO workforce in FY 2021-22 Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1627 (pdf – 201 KB) June 2023 Corporate Updated details of senior members of management within the NAO Partial disclosure s.40
FOI-1628 (pdf – 189 KB) June 2023 Contracts IT Network Infrastructure Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1629 (pdf – 225 KB) June 2023 Central Government UK Taxpayer assets provided to Ukraine in 2022-23 Not held None applicable
FOI-1630 (pdf – 293 KB) June 2023 Corporate Data Protection compliance Partial disclosure s.12, s.21
FOI-1631 (pdf – 219 KB) June 2023 Reports Condition of school buildings report Withheld s.21
FOI-1632 (pdf – 229 KB) June 2023 Reports Schools with the highest level of condition need by the CDC Programme Withheld s.33
FOI-1633 (pdf – 215 KB) July 2023 Central Government Review of Boris Johnsons legal bill Withheld s.22
FOI-1634 (pdf – 190 KB) July 2023 Auditing Sovereign Housing Association Not held None applicable
FOI-1635 (pdf – 280 KB)
FOI-1635 contracts (xlsx – 21 KB)
July 2023 Contracts NAO Telecom and Network services Partial disclosure s.33
FOI-1636 (pdf – 204 KB) July 2023 Reports School buildings in the process of repair Not held None applicable
FOI-1637 (pdf – 244 KB) July 2023 Reports DWP use of AI to prevent fraud Withheld s.33
FOI-1638 (pdf – 203 KB) July 2023 Reports The 1992 NAO report into the Al Yammah arms deal Not held None applicable
FOI-1639 (pdf – 217 KB) July 2023 Finance Covid-19 vaccination storage and distribution costs Not held None applicable
FOI-1640 (pdf – 239 KB) July 2023 Corporate NAO 2023 Staff pay award Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1641 (pdf – 206 KB) July 2023 Reports New Hospital Programme documents Withheld s.33
FOI-1642 (pdf – 228 KB)
FOI-1642 contracts (xlsx – 40 KB)
July 2023 Contracts Call off contracts in the public sector Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1643 (pdf – 203 KB) July 2023 Corporate Home working contracts Partial disclosure None applicable
FOI-1644 (pdf – 229 KB) July 2023 Corporate Procurement process for media monitoring distribution Withheld s.12
FOI-1645 (pdf – 247 KB)
FOI-1645 contracts (xlsx – 20 KB)
July 2023 Contracts Hosting contracts Partial disclosure s.40
FOI-1646 (pdf – 245 KB) July 2023 Central Government UK funding support to Ukraine Withheld s.33
FOI-1647 (pdf – 217 KB) July 2023 Reports Canal and River Trust audit reports Not held None applicable
FOI-1648 (pdf – 211 KB) August 2023 Local Government Regional Growth Fund Not held None applicable
FOI-1650 (pdf – 232 KB) August 2023 Contracts Various software systems used by the NAO Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1651 (pdf – 203 KB) August 2023 Auditing Teesworks contract Not held None applicable
FOI-1652 (pdf – 226 KB) August 2023 Local Government Guidance on valuation of infrastructure assets Withheld s.33
FOI-1653 (pdf – 214 KB) August 2023 Central Government Asylum and immigration application data Not held None applicable
FOI-1654 (pdf – 253 KB) August 2023 Finance NAO systems and processes used for Expenses & Invoicing Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1655 (pdf – 252 KB) August 2023 Reports HMRC’s tax collected on high net worth individuals Not held None applicable
FOI-1656 (pdf – 234 KB) August 2023 Auditing Data about NHS Consultants private work Not held None applicable
FOI-1657 (pdf – 229 KB) September 2023 Central Government Breakdown on the sum committed to the Rwanda deportation scheme Not held None applicable
FOI-1658 (pdf – 282 KB) September 2023 Contracts NAO Printing services Full disclosure None applicable
FOI-1659 (pdf – 210 KB)
FOI-1659 contracts (xlsx – 19 KB)
September 2023 Contracts Call-off contracts Partial disclosure None applicable
FOI-1660 (pdf – 212 KB) September 2023 Auditing Water fluoridation expenditure in England Not held None applicable
FOI-1661 (pdf – 215 KB) September 2023 Auditing NAO assessments of the costs involved with water fluoridation in England Not held None applicable
FOI-1662 (pdf – 217 KB) September 2023 Local Government Illsley road, Barnsley Council Not held None applicable
FOI-1663 (pdf – 209 KB) September 2023 Auditing Data on Local Public Audit tool Partial disclosure None applicable